Friday, March 13


Anyone going?? Magnolia apparently have mini stamps only available at the shows.. If anyone goes and can get me some I will be very greatful and of course I would pay you! They are apparently by the till. Caz from a load of bloggocks is a happy lady as she managed to order the stamp kit for herself, I am very pleased for her. so thats just one unhappy Caz left!! LOL I'll live... just ;0)



Steph said...

Oh I would love to go there one day don't think my back balance would though. I am interested to see what the stamps are like though! Hope you get some.

Paula Pascual said...

Love your new look for the blog!

Sarah said...

Oh Caz, I'm sorry, I left early this morning and have only just seen your post! I would have got you some, but I guess that's no comfort now. Sorry!
xx :0)


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