Saturday, March 14

Keep an eye on

Spiral Whisper in the next week. They are releasing some downloads. After much thought I decided to step down from SW design team some time ago. There has been a bit of downtime with them sorting things out and I thought it was the ideal time to do this. And it will give them a chance to get new talent in. I love their designs and I will still very much support them and become a customer when pennies permit!! Good Luck with it all Kitty xxx

I am still re jigging the blog, just need to add my Toodles and Binks badge and I think I am nearly there.

I have a Gorguss card to share later. Got to fly to Crafts U Love to get my bits for my classes at the end of the month. Have you booked yet? check out their website for more info.

1 comment:

SallyB said...

LOVE THIS NEW BLOG! It's nice to have a change every now and again!
That other blog layout was getting a bit popular wasn't it!


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