Thursday, March 5


I have been so busy making cards, just cant share with you! They are for a magazine comission. Also preping for 2 classes at The Glitter Pot this weekend too. I forced myself to stamp a little card before bed last night just for fun, just need to hop down to the shed to get some flowers to stick on it (stepping stones and a dark garden dont match). My Mum made me laugh yesterday, now she has always steered clear of cardmaking but needs a hobby. Well she ordered a few bits off me from SU and when I gave her her bag she said something like "ohhhh new stuff" LOL we laughed and I warned her it was downhill from now on, she was hooked!

Caiden at preschool so I have 2 hours to make my class prep. Wish me luck I would love to get it all done in 2 hours!

Harvey is going to school as "the crunching munching caterpillar" for book day. He has borrowed a fab costume off his friend. He also has earnt 20 minutes free play in his class (along with all the class) for getting all their class points. So they voted on 20 minutes play with a toy from home. Then tonight I have to go to parents evening to see how he is getting on.

Terrible night in bed, I was soooo cold at bedtime and I know I was awake at midnight. Then 3 ish Caiden woke and was restless for ages and then Harvey came in a 5.30 wide awake and wanting to chat. In the end we got up just before 6 as Harvey just wasnt going to settle and had started tickling Darren!


Steph said...

Harveys costumn sounds good - I like that story. we too are getting dressed up - i am going as stephanie from lazy town and there is a lot of pink involved for me (pink isn't my fav colour!). Hope he has a great day and would love to see a pic. Hope you get most things done on your to do list1 Good luck Steph

Rachel said...

oooh how nice to have hooked your Mum!! It is lovely to share something like this - wish my M was interested - she is quite arty but more into watrcolour and drawing than card making....for now anyway

Susan , Cyprus said...

Hopefully they will be so tired tonight! Miss seeing your cards!


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