Thursday, March 5

Wild Bunny

This bunny is sooo cute! A dream to stamp with a fantastic clear and clean image and lovely to colour. I dont think I like this card, but I LOVE the bunny! Check out the link to Wild rose on my sidebar (coming up right after this post)

  • Other ramblings from the day Milo is driving me nuts trotting up and down and in and out... reason being next doors Rotweiler is on heat!! That would be something to see wouldnt it! Milo my little jack russell trying to make friends with her.. hee hee
  • Mums cat isnt well so please send get well vibes to Marley.
  • Ding Ding went to school and Mummy made 3 cards!! YIPEEE - asked Caiden his name and he will reply DING DING... OK its getting more like Caiden with time but it is funny!
  • Yahyee (Harvey to Ding Ding) had a fab day at school dressed as a caterpillar he looked lovely - I will post that later or tomorrow. KFC in store IF Harvey gets a good school report. Fingers crossed for that eh?! Daddy has shepherds pie I made so he is happy.
Oh well, better had get one with something!



** Isa ** said...

lovely easter card, cheerful and bright... I keep seeing all those cards with either cakes and all and it's making me soooooooooo hungry... Gonna have to go and dig in the biccie barrel... Glad to hear the little ones had a great day at school in their outfits...

Hugs xxx

Julia Pollard said...

I love that stamp Caz - great card, the colour pallette you've used is gorgeous.

Julia x

Jo said...

Yet another great card!! Wonderful colours and such a cute image x

Dulcie said...

Ah Caz I love it! Gorgeous colouring and I think the card is great, really bright and nice!

Thanks for your comment, I was thinking of whether to set up a group on Craftbubble for everyone to chat in as that would give us a forum and a gallery in one...though I'm not sure if everyone uses it, I know Sally and Louisa do but not sure of everyone else. Anyway will have a think, yes would be good to give people a place to chat. I was trying to add a forum to my blog but I can't find a widget to do it.

About the cards, it would be ideal if they could be mailed to me but otherwise email is good too. Dulc xx

Jane said...

Hi Caz, I really like this card, its so bright and cheery. Cute image too!

Jane :0)


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