Monday, April 27

Anyone seen my eyelashes??

Anyone?? I am sure I went out with some... well I have got some, its just they are shorter than they were!! LOL

Beavers was fantastic. We have a great leader who thinks of fun things for the beavers and also has a fab house and garden. OMG I would die to have a garden the size of his! Much of it is woodland down the bottom and thats where we took the beavers to in pairs with one adult per pair to make their own camp fires. They made a fire and then went up to the chickens to bring back an egg. We then Keeo and I (Rusty) fried the eggs on a large pan on a large fire. Well my eyes were streaming, my legs felt alite, so Jayne did most of the cooking and I stood there with bread for the fried eggs. Then the kids had marshmellows on sticks and dampers on sticks. For anyone like me who didnt know its a bready type dough that is wound around the stick and cooked over the fire, I had the jam to spread onto their dampers when done. I am sure the kids enjoyed themselves no end. We all came back stinking of bonfires! And as I said firstly my eyelashes are somewhat shorter!!

Prep for class has been done. Just need to get more cards done for the magazine projects.

Here is the card I made for Harveys friend. Ian stamp is from The candle is actually an old hero shadow stamp and I stamped the main candle. Then I cleaned the stamp and drew on the flame shape onto the rubber and stamped that out. Decorated with some of the little patterns that came with the Exclusive Daisy and friends set that The Glitter Pot have.

Speak Later



Littleted62 said...

That's a brilliant idea to use the shadow stamp to make candles - you have such a good imagination. Nicki, xx.

Julia said...

Glad to hear you had a fab time! Great card too, love the candle background. xx

Paula Pascual said...

I know the feeling of everything coming at once! But don't worry, i am sure all the cards will be lovely!

chelemom said...

Oh, so cute!

Jane said...

Fab card, love the candles.

Jane :0)

Frances said...

Thanks for comment on my blog Caz! Just finished all the twilight books, don't know what I'm going to do now! Great card, think I may have as bad a rubberstamp addiction as you LOL (not inked up this one yet!) x

Cheryl Walker said...

He is sooo cute!!! I love this little Ian!!! You did an awesome job on him, and I love the colors you used!!!


simplyfairies said...

lol you porr thing you... what a fabbi card too!


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