Monday, April 27

Blog Candy update

I need to find a few more prizes as I know we have hopped close to 100 now!! I will update later if I can find some more candy ;0)

I am really busy at the moment. I have beavers tonight and also to prep for a class which I have no product for which is tomorrow! GULP. Also I have a large comission I am working on for magazine with deadline looming I need to get a wiggle on with this... so I might not be stamping much for fun this week for sure. Also need to make some cards for Sir Stampalot with the new Butterfly Magnolias for a show in Port Sunlight they are going to.. of course its all the same deadline!! We have no food in the house and no time to shop so I think for once I might actually do a online shop and let them deliver.

I wanted to say "Happy Anniversary" to my wonderful hubby Darren. We have been married for 9 years. We got married on our 11th year anniversary of going out, so thats 20 years we have been together!! We married in St Lucia in 2000. it was a lovely way to do it. What a wonderful way (Not) to spend our anniversary evening with 20 odd little boys and fires in the beaver leaders garden! trying to make sure no-one sets themselves alite! OH and I mean 20 odd.... not odd boys! LOL

I'll be back later with a card I made for one of Harveys friends. I made so lovely cards last night but they are all for the mag so I can't share.. Still you'll have a few months to wait and you can see all 20 cards and 8 tags!


Carol said...

CONGRATS on your wedding anniv!!


Steph said...

LOL - 20 odd boys!!! Looking forward to seeing your cards in the mag! Steph

steph said...

Ooo sounds just like one I've just finished ;) lol!! Look forward to seeing them! We have the Beavers thing after half term - hubby has been asked to help! Dare I tell them that he is just as likely to set himself alight as half the kids?! lol Marshmellows here we come!!! x


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