Monday, April 6

Bookmark Twilight Style

I needed a bookmark for my Twilight books so I thought I would make one! I used the digital Ian baseball from and coloured him in "Cullen" colours. Those that have read the book will have recognised the fonts as fonts of the handwriting of Bella, Edward and Jacob as well as the title for the book!! which I found online today. I made two, one for me, one for a friend.

Bit cheesed off as I had ordered the DVD but it hasnt come today and I should have just got it from the shops. Oh well maybe tomorrow!


1 comment:

Margie said...

OME!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bookmark!!! It's brilliant and right on!!!
It's still a surprise when I find other crafting Twilighters ;)
I have a ton of Twilight inspire creations ;)
TFS!!! I look forward to visiting your blog and seeing more!
xo, margie


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