Tuesday, April 7

What a nice day

Lovely day today, quiet unexpected as I thought the rain was coming... however it was a little chilly but dry and sunny. This morning I went to Tilgate Park with kids and Mum. We walked around the whole of the lake there. Lots of climbing trees and scaring my half to death as Caiden and Harvey had to try almost every fishing jetty out!! LOL

Today is Kiera my nieces 12th Birthday and this is the card I made for her. I used Wild Rose Designs for the main image.

Not sure what it happening tomorrow, think the rain may well come in, I think I will go for drive and see what happens.

I got a lovely package today from Canada... who can guess what?!


Treacle said...

Hmm now let me think could it possibly be something beginning with B


Susan M , Cyprus said...

From Canada? Well I have some lovely moose stamps are they Canadian?It's lovely to get parcels in the post!!

Emma said...

GO on then... did you get some more Martha Stewart punches?!?!?! you've got to tell us now.. stop teasing !LOL!!

Diane said...

Betcha it was High Hopes stamps - failing that some yummy Bella stamps


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