Thursday, April 23

Spam Update

Dont panic everyone its NOT my blog that has been hacked into, it was my old AOL email address which incidentally aol can NOT delete this email address?!?! The reason the spam turned up on my blog was that as a blog owner there is an email address taht I can post to and it will post onto my blog. So for example if I was somewhere where I couldnt get onto my blog to post a message I could log into my mail and type a message, post and it would appear on my blog. I have done this in the past from my AOL account and therefore the address was in my contacts list... so when this hack thing got into AOL it sent it to the blog too.

Last night was a nightmare, not only did I have this pain to try and see if I could sort, but I literally BLEW UP! my cuttlebug... trying to guess the plates for embossing nesties, put too much in and tried to squeeze it through and BANG! the end of the cuttlebug flew off and now despite Darren putting it back together its not working... Booo Hooo! My little bug has served me well. I am going to miss my lil green guy. Lucky for me Clare came to the rescue with letting me borrow hers and I can finish my prep work. And Saturday I hope I will be coming home with a spanking new pink and black sizzix machine to replace my bug as I have new XL dies I need to use.

Both boys at school today, caiden just for a few hours. I just hope I can shake off this sick feeling, I am feeling very blurgh today. And before anyone asks NO I AM NOT!! LOL

No cards to share today I dont think, I need to prep first and then maybe I will get to show off something.



Jo Austin said...

Caz... why not contact the guys at to ask about the 'sandwich' for the bug..

they are ace with advice, and told me exactly how to do it with my sizzix and it worked.

love Jo x

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

Booo hooo poor CB, for embossing with nesties large thick A plate, then B, plate, rubber embossing matt and three pieces of cardstock and B plate on top.

I nearly cracked mine when I started trying to emboss the nesties ....


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