Wednesday, April 22

Weird happenings

OK I have a problem, someone has hacked into my aol account and sent spam to everyone. I am truely very sorry for this. I dont use aol and havent for over a year!! I will call aol tomorrow and get them to physically delete this email address forever.

I have scanned this PC and we dont have a virus. This is a very new PC with new virus protection on it.

Grrr I could really do without this, I have been trying to prep for a class and now I am stressed to the max!



Sonia said...

Yep i got the message too :( Think alll is ok as long as you don't click on the link.
Sonia x

Donna said...

Hi Caz, I did notice the last message and thought someone must have hacked in, this is scary isn't it? Hope you get it all sorted. Donna x

SallyB said...

It was a bit odd wasn't it? It's scary that things like that can happen. Was it just your blog on your PC? I hope they haven't corrupted anything else..Good Luck!

LazyKay said...

I'd sussed it was spam! Pity the spammers have nothing better to do eh?



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