Friday, June 5

What the bad Mummy was doing

Whilst Caiden was experimenting outside with the laws of gravity and hardness of wooden sheds!! I was in my shed just tidying up and sorting out. (just feet away) I have just sold a paper unit, paper trays and dismantled a unit I had in there, moved it all about and I am happy it looks a little tidier, as tidy as a shed full of craft stuff and storage can. I like the mixed up look, I like the organised chaos! I am not a clean line, clinical kinda gal, hense the chicken on the floor, the stuffed country rabbits, hanging tubs, brightly colours baskets and hodgepodge furniture. It gives it a "Hey come in and play" kinda feel. Rather than a "dont use anything, cant find anything" feel.

I do have boxes and drawers to sort through, lots of bits and pieces are not where they should be and I am always shuffling my supplies from one box to another one.

My Pritties corner - buttons, flowers, bigshot and my stamp unit. New stamps and favs go on here

These shelves were such a bargain, I love the coloured baskets some hold my glues, h20's, distress inks, rollers and more. Bookcases hold ribbons, ink pads, folders and other oddments.

This is my stamping desk. Its an ugly desk but its very solid so its OK. Again storage needs sorting as I have so many empty places.

This is where the bulk of my wood stamps are. I have a lot of SU stamps under the white table in the other photo. All these wicker drawers need sorting as they are all mixed.

A wider view.

I actually spend very little time in here, but at least it is all stored here. Well not all, I have a rather large pile of regular used stuff. Stuff that I want all the time and that is behind the door in the front room.
Caiden is ok, he is sleeping, he was actually very tired before the accident, as soon as he got home from school at 12 I thought he was going to fall asleep, he fell asleep very early for him at about 5;30, but I am happy he is ok, hes still down here on the sofa so I can keep an eye on him. God help me later when I try and take him to bed and he wakes! I will not be happy if that happens :)


Elaine said...

Love it! Makes me want to come in and have a rummage! :)

Michelle said...

WOWZER what a fantastic craft shed, I am green with envy. All I have a is a wee craft cupboard. I am totally AMAZED at the amount of stamps you use, guess that's where you get your name from Tee Hee

Glad your wee man is ok after his tumble. I have two the very same LOL


debbi taylor said...

Hi - two things 1) I love the craft room and all the stuff that you have to play and 2) I now have all the twilight books - and don't speak to my family much! just started three today x

Sara Bailey said...

Oh my God!! I can't believe how many flowers you have, how long did it take to collect that lot. I have to ask do you get given stuff by companies or have you had to buy all that lot - have you won the lottery. I'm so envious - you could have blog candy of an hours snoop around your lovely shed!!!!

Love Sara B x

Athena125 said...

Okay, I'm moving to your shed. I'm sure I could fit a bed in there somewhere...

I have to keep all my crafting stuff stored in boxes, God forbid I leave it lying around, because then I would have to move out - we only have this much space.

Suzie Q said...

Hi Caz,
I have had the pleasure of visiting your palace, but i must say it now looks like a shop - when you open for business lol!!

Marion said...

Fantastic craft shed. It would be lovely if I had room for one. Marion

Julia said...

I love having a nose round your palace Caz, you have so many gorgeous goodies! xx

Frozenstamper said...

What a cute space Caz! You can have lots of fun there!
I love how your desktop is all cleared off and ready to go!

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

ohhh that's lookin good - I need to book you in to help with me when it eventually gets here.

Your poor babies - big hugs to them both

Not long till November now!!!!



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