Saturday, June 6

Yawn... I am soooo tired

I had Harvey and Caiden in my bed last night. Darren had gone awol at the pub, so I didnt know when he was coming home so I never sleep well, waking up all night until I got a teck to say "YES" to my "Are you still alive" text. Caiden who went to sleep at about 5;30pm was restless from about 4am and I feel sooooooooo tired!

Here is a card I have been making over a week, just wasnt pulling together quickly. Its OK, not great. I love all the elements, it just doesnt work too well.


Suzie Q said...

Wassamata with this card - nothing!
i love these little bumbly bees! think you need a can of red bull!! it gives you wings x
Suzie Qxx

Anonymous said...

oh no I love it I think it looks great. You'll have to make your tuther half baby sit while you have a cat nap!! x

Bettythebaglady said...

Dear Cal
1 Leave finishing the card til you're a bit less tired
2 Not an expert but think the ribbon isn't helping
3 perhaps the bees need some flowers for tea
4 hope we're still friendy wendies
Hugs BettyXXX

Marion said...

Those bees are so cute. Love the shaped mount on the card, Marion


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