Monday, September 6

Stampers Ten & other stuff

I am trying to find 2 more people for the stampers ten starting October.

Email me for more info

Remember most SU stuff will now be posted on my other site to keep this blog free (er) from all that :)

As for general cardmaking, I haven't been doing much recently, Harvey hasn't been well, has been waking me in the night for the last week and I have been getting very disturbed nights and ready for bed at 9pm but the  of course Big Brother has been keeping me up past that!  Have had 3 orders for my bunting recently so that is good :)

And here is my bitty bunting family.  These are cute and can be and I can make your family to suit your requirements so let me know if you want one by hopping over to my "Say it in bunting" website.

Of course it wouldnt be first day of school without my photo that I take each year.  Here is Harvey complete with his big bag (full of pencils and pens) he was so excited by taking his own bag now, what a big boy he is getting to be!   Here is Caiden who is now starting Reception.  He is still only part time and is going 9 - 12:15 He was very hungry when he came out from school today, they only had carrots as their "fruit" and veg and he doesnt eat carrots so was a bit hungry and tired  when I picked him up.  Straight home for lunch.

Darren made some cake with the boys yesterday. YUMM YUMM

Back to school means back to beavers tonight so I doubt very much anything creative will be made tonight either!

Be back soon xxx


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fairymadjo said...

hi hun,
i have an order when your ready hun :)


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