Monday, November 8

Convention Day 2

Slightly later today, not much but I actually slept the night before, like a log infact!  I don't think I woke until the alarm went off, which made me jump up in bed as I am not used to alarm clocks waking me up.  Breakfast at the Hilton was yummy with lots to choose, I am not one for  fry up in the morning, so I had cereal and toast and then the little cinnamon whirls that were so fresh and warm and calling me :)

When we arrived we had the make and take sessions, these were 4 fab projects that were made using the sets that we got in the convention bag.  I was thrilled with these sets, both were very much on my wish list, but I was being patient as I didn't want to buy something I knew I was getting in my bag.

The one on the right is a little treat cover, inside it houses a cello bag with tiny tiny cards inside, this was made using the "Just Believe" set.  very cute.  The second card was made using the same set.  This time we used the   WONDERFUL watercolour paper, this paper (more like card) is beautiful, so thick and feels so gorgeous to use.  We inked the stamp with pens, sprizted with water and then stamped.  We then got our hands on the Colour Spritzer tool, WOW I hadn't used it before, I was dying to and I am glad I got to try it and see how fab it works.  On my wish list for sure.    Next were two projects made using "Party this way" set, again another one I had wanted and was waiting for.  This set is such fun!  and we made a memory page and the small card with the arrow that can rotate around, so many fun idea with this.  Of course I was drawn to the bunting in the set too.... I need to add the "Just Perfect" alphabet to my wish list as well as this will be perfect to add lettering to the bunting.  Unfortunately Harvey knocked a cup of tea over my projects when I got home, but they weren't too badly ruined.

We had more talks in business, lunch and then Momento Mall was opened again, limits were off and sadly by the time I got up there the items I wanted to buy were gone, people were going crazy and buying armfuls :(  all that was left was rulers and pens.  Oh well I got what I wanted really, just wanted to get a couple of gifts.

The closing session was fabulous, we had a great demos and a speech about Carrots, Eggs and Coffee beans, which ended with us all doing the Cupid Shuffle!! it was sooooo funny.  Yes even me, a Carrot managed to do it and enjoy it!

We had a surprise sneak peek at something coming early next year and we got a FREE STAMP SET too relating to the same surprise :)  We promised  Shellie not to let on what it is so I will be a good girl and keep it to myself :)  Sorry!! LOL   AND we got to find out one thing that will be in the Mini Catalogue in April and lets just say there was a LOT of excitement and squeals of delight!

The last announcement was the location of next years convention, now we knew it would be France as we seem to take turns for it, and it is DISNEYLAND PARIS!!! Whooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!  I cant wait, if you want to come you will have to sign up to become a demonstrator and come along too :)

There were dozens and dozens of inspirational cards on the display boards and I have dozens of fab swaps from fellow demonstrators.  My sample books will be looking great!

Well that's it from Convention.  It was a fab time, I hope to go next year (just try and stop me!)  Thank you to all the fellow demos who swapped with me, to Kirstie my roomie for 2 nights, I had never met her before, its amazing how stamping can bring 2 strangers together and give us a common love and we chatted easily like old mates.  Thanks to Debbi, Helen and Co for letting me go to dinner with them Thursday night and to the numerous demos who chatted with me, gave me headache pills (I had a headache the entire 3 days) and with whom I made some wonderful memories of Convention 2010.

Huge congrats to all the demonstrators that won awards, especially those talented and hardworking demo's in my downline.



Kerry said...

What a fabulous weekend Caz! Hmmm..might just have to sign up as a SU! demonstrator now :-D xx

Sue Upson said...

Hi Caz, glad you had a great weekend and managed to get at least some of what you wanted, Sue xx

Janine said...

Wow - action packed - glad you had fun - would have loved to be a fly on the wall while you were all doing the cupid shuffle

little amanda 7609 said...

loved reading about this, and how I wish I could be a demonstrator but where I am, they are just too mean to even part with cash for quality so I can't even think about it. Never mind, I can dream. Loved your cards as well and looking forward to all the lovely surprises in store for us the humble customer


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