Sunday, November 7

I am back.... with a long post

And what a fantastic trip it was.  Very tiring, I dont think I have felt a shattered as this for a long time.  Late nights, not much sleep the first night as I was just buzzing with excitement and a banging headache.  early Mornings but it was worth it.

There were 300 demonstrators there.  I took around 100 swaps and joined a few organised swaps and WOW the cards and creations I got back were fantastic.  It was great to meet so many fellow demonstrators, all be it very briefly as I swapped with them, but all these creative ladies in one room was amazing.  Thursday night was a good start as I attended Natalie and Monica's party.  This consisted of a party bag with crisps, a water, a little gift box with one of those rubber watches and 2 make and takes.  There was a separate room for these make and takes.  One was a pirate memory page and the other was a Christmas card.  I haven't taken a photo of those yet but I will try.

Friday we had to be in the hotel reception for 7;30 to get one of the 6 coaches to Addington Palace.  The palace was a fantastically beautiful building with grand paintings and chandeliers hanging from the huge ceilings.  The main events took place in the marque.  The refreshments were plentiful with teas and coffees and the biggest cookies on a tray I have seen. Donuts and Custard tarts too!  I took this picture for my boys as I knew they would be jealous!

We had to check in and collect our Convention Bag.  This bag was a little zany for a lot of people but personally I loved it.  I love orange and it was nice a roomy for all the stuff I ended up carrying around with me.

Here is a picture of the bag and the contents.  The brown bag on the right was not part of the bag contents but something I got from Momento Mall (More to follow)  But we got the bag and 2 stamp sets, our name tag and pen.  We also picked up any award pins that we may have earned at that time.  By the skin of my teeth I managed to get an award, not really for me though, it was for my wonderful team who had promoted.  My team however got lots more awards than I and I was very proud of them.  Natalie will give the top spots a run for their money next year!! She did fantastically well this year, she was up so many times I cant remember what she got.  Joanne was up there with a sales and top 25 reward.  There were many others from my first levels own downlines too.  Well done ladies! x   I hope to do better next time, I feel I can do better with more effort if I want to and I really need to work at it to get on the stage next year.  It is getting harder and harder.

Also at this time we could visit paper, pad and marker where you use a blank template and fill it up with colours from all the collections using the paper, pads and markers from SU.  I didn't do it this year as I had so many swaps to swap out.  Also I wanted to visit Momento Mall as this year they actually had stock we could buy and take with us, as opposed to last year in which they just let us order.  Here is my haul on this stuff....  They limited you on the quantities you could buy.  Sadly for many the totes ran out, but they are able to order them for a later delivery.

Now I was sooooo excited by Momento Mall and in seeing the pictures of the USA ones I had already a wish list, above all the others stuff I wanted the cute little stamp they were selling.  I actually dreamt the night before convention about getting the stamp, the bin and the tote and being on the hunt for the brown flower bag in the other picture and I am thrilled I managed to buy them all :)  I do have other totes its true, but non as jazzy as this and non of which can hold 12 x 12 in the centre, its a big old tote!

The rest of day one was lunch, main session, training, demo's, talks and more the business and motivational side of the SU business.  Very interesting, but also quiet hard going as we were all so tired.

Thursday evening went onto the awards dinner and it was wonderful to congratulate all the hard working demonstrators.  The food was good, but me being miss fussy pants didn't eat it all.  The pudding so I hear wasnt great which was a shame as they said all the rest was lovely.

I will continue with day 2 tomorrow...... I hope I have not bored you.



little amanda 7609 said...

Thanks for sharing. Love those bags and I would happily have had the orange one. Looking forward to hearing all about day 2!

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Caz glad you enjoyed yourself and cannot wait until 2nd instalment. Hugs JO.

Kerry said...

Oh sounds like you had a flabulous time! I love the zesty orange bag and would wear it proudly lol. I started to drool when the cookies appeared...yummy! I'll check back later for the next installment :-D xx


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