Thursday, December 29

Was it a good one?

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas?  We had a great one.  Kids enjoyed it.  Lovely Christmas dinner here with Darren, Kids, Mum and b-i-l Robert.  In the afternoon as we all sat and almost fell asleep I got the Kinnect Raving Rabbids out and we got silly and played those games :)

I have a couple of creations to show you.

Here is the card I made for most people who got a made card.  I am not the best at
Christmas cards so some do get shop cards.  I used the Stampin' Up! Polar Party set.

Here is a card I made for Riley who was one on Christmas Day,  he is my cousins little boy.
Hes a real fighter. And went through open heart surgery earlier in December.  Sadly wont
be the last operation he has to have but he has done amazing to pull through so well.

Here is the card I made my Mum.  I wanted it to be different from the others.
I used a Toodles & Binks design.

I am enjoying massively the time off this week as I don't go back to work until the new
year.  Darren is off too so we have the time with the boys :)  I love family time.  We don't get enough of it
seeing that Darren works M-F and I work Saturdays.  Still maybe this year that will change.

Well I suppose the next time I check in here will be 2012.  Have a great New Years Eve xx

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Suzie Q said...

Hi mate,
love the cards and glad you had fun at christmas x
see you soon
Suzie qx


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