Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year

I hope 2012 is the best yet for all of us!  Cant believe another year has past us by and my boys will be 9 and 6 this year! GULP  Last year was OK, wasn't fabulous, wasn't bad.  December always a bad month anyway due to all the dates we remember with my Dad.  This December was really sad for my brothers family as they lost their beloved Kasha furrbaby, she was only 3 :(

What I am hoping for this year?

  • Hmm Happy, Healthy and maybe a bit more comfortable in the ol' money stakes so we wont be struggling so much each month. 
  •  I would like my bunting to carry on and I need to spend some time designing new things for that, expand the line a bit.  
  • I would like to keep on crafting and do more than I did last year as my blog posts have really gone down over these past few years.  
  • Really loving my job so I hope for another good year there.  I work at Crafts U Love, dream job eh?
  • I really hope we get to visit Darren 's parents this year, we didn't manage it last year and its a year and a half since we saw Darren's Dad!  That's a LONG TIME!  We saw his Mum in end of 2010 but that's still a year and far to long, especially for the boys.
  • I want to learn to knit!! LOL  I would be pleased with a basic hat and scarf, but if I could do better that would be great :)
I really hope you all have a great 2012, please do keep popping back and pls comment, I love to hear from you.



Lisa Jane said...

A very Happy New Year to you and all your family
Lisa x

Stephanie Devenport said...

Hi Caz, a happy new year to you all, may all your dreams and wishes come true, cherish every moment, life is short as we are often reminded.
Love to you.

Stephanie Devenport said...

Hi Caz, wishing you all a very happy new year, may it bring you all you are hoping for, remember it only happens if you make it!
Cherish every moment, life is short as we are often reminded.
Love to you all

Julia said...

Happy new year Caz, I hope you achieve all that's on your list! xx


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