Saturday, April 14

See those tumbleweed's rolling by????

It's been a while, I am sorry!  Not much creating apart from Carrots!! LOL  and of course spending a few hours with my kids after work whilst they are on their holidays.  I took a days holiday yesterday and my boys, mum and me all went to Godstone Farm.  It was a lovely day.

here is Caiden smiling at "fluffy" the duckling :)

Harvey TOTALLY melted with the baby bunnies!

Here they are both holding a chick.  Caiden called his "lovey" and Harvey
called his "Wiggler".

As well as the lovely animals there was so much play stuff for the boys
we didnt get home until about 4pm having been out for about 6 hours!
They loved this swing.

Ha Ha!!  Harvey the grumpy rabbit!  maybe as Caiden the duck and me the pink bunny
had the egg baskets :)

At last!  a card, made last night and just for fun.

Right, off to work shortly.  Have a lovely weekend xx

1 comment:

Suzie Q said...

hi Caz,
tumbleweeds lol xx classic
fab pics of your boys many a day i spent there with mine such a great place for boys!!
love the card x
enjoy your weekend
Suzie qx


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