Monday, December 31

Last one of 2012

Can't believe another year is nearly out.  2012 hasn't been a bad year really, not a great one, not a bad one as years go.  Thankful for so much my kids, my hubby, my family, my friends, my pets,  my health (of sorts) and my job.  My kids continue to get older even though I distinctly remember telling Harvey at 7 years to stop growing now but he defies me and will be 10 in March!  Caiden is my cheeky 6 year old who makes me laugh and shout daily!  They both do really :)  Darren my long suffering hubby doesn't mind when I disappear in the evenings to play in my palace (some would say he's flippin lucky!)  either play or watch some sort of dvd (Twilight, Vampire Diaries or my newest love Downton)

So what will 2013 bring?  who knows.... more of the same I suspect.  I am not one for making resolutions, I think they are utter tosh, if you want to change you change whenever not on a certain date.  You have to be totally ready for that change and not forced as the calender says so.  I am hoping that it will bring happy and heathly kids and everyone (including me)  I hope that I have a great year at work and look forward to the year ahead with Crafts U Love.. of course a lottery win wouldn't go amiss! LOL  We've got a trip to Butlins to look foward to in May and I really hope a trip to Spain later in the year but that might be pushing it.  I hope to continue my one woman crafting mission to see if I can explode my shed through the sheer weight of "stuff"  LOL!!   Not really, but I certainly can't wait to see what Penny Black, Sizzix and many others bring out for 2013.  Sometimes I do wonder what I would be doing if I hadn't found crafting?!

So waffle aside here are my final makes for 2012... Using the lovely Penny Black stamps from Crafts U Love  and lots of dies and papers I made these Penny Black creations.

This cute little guy is zooming off to show his love!

This hedgie has love to share and fits perfectly onto the label 
pop and cuts die this also from Crafts U Love  Lots of other dies
have also been used.

Lastly I have made this mini pizza box ideal for stuffing
love heart sweets and maybe your last rolo for someone you love.

Well I hope I haven't bored you to death with this post?  Have a wonderful New Years Eve whatever
you will be doing and 


Suzie Q said...

Ah spread the love what a lovely post feel a bit upset i have seen my card maybe i shouldn't have looked lol xx
i would prefer bread instead of the rolos or sweethearts!hee hee
see you soon ST X
BP x
(yeah you know what i mean pmslx)

Pop's Cards said...

Hey sweetie these are just gorgeous, fabulous creations as always, Happy New Year huggles Pops x x x

Janine said...

Happy New Year to both you and your family - hope it is a great one.


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