Monday, January 22

WAFFLE : Blog Tidy

I'm on my last couple of "sick" days after my Appendix surgery and I thought my blog has been a lot neglected lately, OK for ages!  So I thought that I would update the About Me Tag with correct ages and new photos and new blurb.  So if you are needing a good bedtime story to send you to sleep, have a look :)

Also thought well this blog is about what I love, at the moment I am sharing my love of crafts between Card making and Felt and I will be posting both to this one blog.  Maybe I need a rename?   Hmmm something to ponder.  I do run Facebook pages, Stamping Caz Designs so I could probably encompass all crafts under that name.  Besides, apart from Jo (Hi jo Bluefairy) I have such little interaction I am not actually sure anyone is reading this?!   :)

For those that subscribe, I will entitle my blog posts accordingly.  So if its Waffle, Needle Felt, Classes, or Card Making (or other if I think at a later date) I will label the post title so you can choose if you want to read or delete.

Talking Classes I am waiting for Crafts U Love to publish their list, I have given them many ideas so just waiting to see.

Also for local friends I am really really seriously thinking of local classes. Papercraft and Needle Felting.  So watch this space.

Enough waffle for now, I am just about to post a Needle Felting Post to show of my first make of 2018.


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