Sunday, June 3

Purrfect Fluffles

I love Fluffles the cat, today was a time to revisit a few things including my furry friend. The other was my scalloped scissors. I long ago gave or threw all my decorative scissors away but since scallops are "in" I had to go out today and buy another pair! So I felt like making a card and using the scissors and saw my little fluffles stamp sitting on my stamp rack that is infront of me on my desk. I also purchased this weekend a Sizzix pad and new cuttlebug folder so I managed to work these into the card as well.

OK so I need more practise with the spacing on the scallops but I was kinda pleased with how this card turned out.

1 comment:

kim said...

Another yummy card there Caz, I must sat fluffles is a fave of mine too!!!


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