Saturday, June 2

Spit it out!

What a beautiful morning it is :)

Had a fantastic day yesterday, went to worthing beach for the day with Harvey, Caiden, my friend Karen and Harveys friend Adam and his little sister Isobella. We all jumped in Karens people carried and set off at about 11am, we had a lovely time on the beach, Harvey paddled, I did for a little while but the water was soooo cold! I spent the rest of the time telling Caiden "spit it out" ..... Hmmm pebble beaches and almost one year olds do not mix! He must have sucked every pebble in a one foot radious!

We got back home just gone 5pm. Then it was a rush for me to get ready for an evening out with the girls. It was a "old Barny" meeting a bunch of talented Tutors who I used to work with at the Craft Barn. Corinne, Annie, Julie, Carol, Laine, Jane, Kim and Myself. We had a lovely time, chatting eating and laughing. Annie is leaving to live in Guernsey, we all wish her a fantastic life out there! There was much talk of meeting out there, B&B and crafting, this would of course be fantastic, watch this space....

On a totally different note, but going back to snap stamps a lady called Mary on the message board was willing to sell me her set. But another lady called "brooksmini" emailed me and told me that had then in stock and the best thing is they are in the UK so that will save me the postage. So I emailed Mary, explained the situation, I told her if she still wanted to sell them then to post on the cricut shopping forum as I know there are lots of people in the USA wanting them. Anyway, I ordered my set from CTM and hope to ge them next week. So any UK peeps wanting them I suggest running over to CTM and ordering them now, their stocks are quiet good at present but I suspect there will me a rush for them soon! Oh and I "hope" to get something made with them this weekend, but its a busy one. More about that later.

Have a fantastic day everyone! Make the most of that sunshine. Caz

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