Monday, August 13

Cricut Expression... almost there

I almost got my mitts on an expression. I really do want one, but do I need one? Just a little bit more cash and I could of had one and it does do AMAZING stuff. But my sensible head won the battle and certainly for now I am leaving it. I am sure I will get one one day, just not yet. Lets face it, I dont currently use my baby bug a whole lot right now. I would love to be able to make HUGE Mickeys and Paper Pups and I will one day, but I am waiting with baited breathe for SU to come on over to the UK, I am hearing murmerings of Fall, so I will need a few hundred pounds to be able to join as a hostess and get a starter kit I am sure. I think once I have got that purchase out of the way then I can either save for the expression or things might just take off with SU so much I wont have time!

1 comment:

Jules said...

I'm another that can't wait for SU to come to the UK! :o)


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