Monday, August 13

Oh its a happy day!

What a day I have had. For some reason I thought it would be today. The postman came and popped some letters through the letter box, then as I collected them I was compelled to look through the spy hole and yep there he was standing there with a packet in hand!

Looky what he brought me :)

OK he didnt bring me the paper stacks, those jumped on me whilst walking round a local garden centre today... but he brought me the Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge!! Whoooo Hoooo! Thank you to Kristen who brought this for me, she kindly brought the bundle and offered to sell on the other three cartridges so I only had to pay for one cartridge. I am very greatful to her :)))))

So Caiden missed his morning nap and napped after lunch, boy I have never wanted him to wake up so much as then! LOL So I could take him upstairs and I could have a play. Unfortunately for me I had lots of little helpers so I ended up making what they wanted and not what I wanted :) Still it is very much for the kids. Boy do I need the expression now!

Harvey and his Harvey pirate. Enya and her Enya Mermaid!
They loved making them and played with them afterwards. :)

Caiden and his Caiden baby :) in his babysuit. I should have added a dummy (pacifier) in this mouth.


Momiji said...

ahhhhh!!!! such a sweet photo of Caiden! and a great one of Harvey and Enya with their new creations! these look like great fun and I'm sure you'll love playing with them!

Kerrie's crafting corner said...

awww great piccies!


Lynn said...

Fab pics as usual. Those little people are soooooo cute! Bet the kids had lots of fun with them. Pity Caiden was sleeping and missed out on the play time.
Thanks for sharing the pics.
xx Lynn xx


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