Monday, September 3

I did it, I did it! I inked up my Magnolia stamp

I am very lucky, I have made over the years some wonderful stamping and crafting friends. Two of which Samm and Kim (see blog links) have joined me in a fun "neverending RAK" challenge. This all came about when Samm sent me a beautiful card and Magnolia stamp (yes thats right she sent me a stamp!) as a Thank you for her winning my blog candy. So I said to Samm, wouldnt it be great to get cards and small gifts in the post every so often and this is when the the neverending RAK began. The three of us all decided it was a fun idea and I couldnt then believe when Kim also brought me a Magnolia stamp for a RAK... WOW two great stamps... how lucky am I? This was quiet a while ago though and I was desperate to finally ink these stamps up.... so in the order that I received them I finally made a card with the stamp Samm sent me. I hope to get one made soon with the one that Kim got me.... for now here another shot of the card at a funny angle :)

You can see that I have stamped the image onto shimmery white card. Thanks Kim! She told me that I could buy this from the local garden centre. And you can also see I sewed on some of my new daisybeautiful buttons, these are from Eternal Maker, see link in side bar. The cardstock used was the glitter stack, and is fab.


Patsy Jackson said...

Aww how cute Caz - just loving these stamps :) Really like the colours you used too :)

Samm said...

ahhhh, lovely Caz, you did a great job!


Anna said...

Those stamps are really cute. I am trying to resist buying some but seeing your cards, I may just have to.

Helen & Co. said...

Your cards are all gorgeous!


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