Wednesday, January 9

I think I have decided

I think I am going to go for this potting shed as the windows are fantastic. They dont have 10 x 8 on their price list but they have given me a price for one so thats good :)

What do you think?



Julia said...

It looks great Caz, somewhere for you to escape and create!! x

** Isa ** said...

Very nice!!! Sure you'll have hours of crafting time in there! And I definitely go along with the desk against the wall and shelves where you can reach easily for things! Miss having a crat room sooooooooooo much!


Isa xxx

Donna ~*~ Tilda & Co ~*~ said...

You have been given out a " you make my day award" check out my Crafty krafts Blog for details.

Janine said...

You need a desk in front of those windows so you get good natural light on what you are working on - well on the nice days anyway. Also need to keep your papers away from the light so they don't bleach out!

elisa said...

Hi.It looks lovely and would be a lovely space to spend hours in crafting especially in the summer with the big windows.

Samm said...

Looks cool!!! also check out as we got our summerhouse from there for about £650.


Diane said...

Hi Caz
This shed looks real cool! It'll have plenty of natural light and you'll still have loads of room for storage.
Go for it girl!!

Maria Ammar said...

Thanks four your comment in my blogg! *very happy* Yes you're right the hÄnglar stamps are lovely! I love Penny Black as well ;0)
Thanks four the link of the ribbon flower, it looks really good! Unfortunately I couldn't´t leave hear any comment because I don´t have google account (that was only accepted at hear blogg).

Glitter Monkey said...

If you don't mind a newbie putting my oar in - the only thing I would say is be careful of mildew! It happened to me. You will need a de-humidifier and a heater on all the time. Just a warning. Who wouldn't be devastated to lose some stash! Lol Lynn x

Tarasdesigns said...

how lucky are you, I so wish I could have a crafting shed. What about one of the expedit shelving units from IKEA, I love these. could you put the desk facing out into your garden and the shelves to the side and behind you?


PS can I come and visit it?

Mandy Long said...

Hi Caz,

Happy New Year - what a great way to start too! Love the idea of your shed - finally a place to call your own! I would make sure that you don't put anything too close to the walls though in case of damp and make sure you can have some heating in there for the winter months underwise you'll need your thermal undies and gloves!

All the best,

Alex said...

I hope your other half is going to insulate that for you, lol

Its a very pretty shed xx

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Wow! What great light you will have in there.. Looks nice..


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