Wednesday, January 9

What would you do?

I am stuck for a decision and I wondered what you would do.

I am getting some money from my Mum and I am to get my craft shed out of it. I thinking it will be 10 foot x 8 foot. I have a few things I need to decide on, and I know ultimately its my decision but I wondered what the general feelings were among you.

Where would you put your work area? Against the wall or freestanding in the middle?
Shed with a basic shed feel or something that looks more chalet like? I have found a fab place and they have so much choice that I cant decide!!

Storage? I was thinking lots and lots of shelves and boxes on them...

I just wanted everyones feedback for it. Not going to be a for a few months yet but I like to plan.



Anita Knits said...

Hi Caz. We've got a shed which we've made into an office/craft room (when my husband lets me use!!). We've found it better with the desk against the wall, as it is not so imposing and we've managed to get quite a bit of storage in. Hubby dried lined it and insulated, we've a penny an hour electric heater in there, so everything is nice and dry and never too cold.

Stamping Moments said...

Hi Caz,

I have just changed my room so that I have an Lshaped area, my pictures are on my blog. Its always a working progress as More and More Stampin Up stuff to fit in!!!! Jenny x

Diane said...

Hi Caz
I think a desk up against the wall would be more convenient. You could put shelves up and it would make it easier to reach out for stuff you use a lot - you would have to keep getting up if the desk was in the middle of the shed. Also, with shelves around your desk, hopefully, you would be able to keep your work space clean and clutter free - don't look at my space tho'!!
Have fun

kerri said...

my 2 cents worth.
As i am thinking seriously of extending my room in the near future these are the things i really want.
a great big corner window with the ledge above the desk to give me lots of light.
a sit down corner desk actually 2 corners one for the computer.
my stand up bench to be longer and some cupboards under the bench

what a dreamer.
I suggest lots of light and lots of bench with under bench/desk storage

Pootle said...

I think it depends on whether you ever want to have a friend in there with you - if so I'd be inclined to have your workspace in the middle.

Did you get my email btw?

Janette said...

Hi Caz,

I have an L shape desk against the wall thats what I would do.
Mine was in the middle of the room but I only hasve short arms so couldnt reach a lot of stuff without having to get up LOL.
If you face a wall then you could have towel rails in front of you with all your SU punches on them....LOL....
Janette x

funky Fairy said...

Hi Kaz
I've had a room made at the bottom of the Its not finished at the mo where storage drawers etc are concerned(no heating in their yet so too cold for me to carry a wimp when it comes to cold) lol
I have gone with worktops...full length of long wall..then across 1 smaller wall.That way i had room for others to come play :) I have long shelves full length of wall above. Now just need all storage etc for under worktops...justgonna leave spaces for felt that just going with 1 desk would limit the use of the room to 1 person.Also am using worktops for storage all round too..all your essentials that ya need close those stacker paper tray thingys for papers...cos i have so much worktop space it mean ya can have lots more of your stash on show rather than it being in drawers etc...far easier to find.
Anyways just a suggestion...all be it a long
Shaz xxx


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