Saturday, March 15

Happy Birthday Darren .... now get our there and work on my palace


Poor hubby, he has a busy birthday! He is going to be earning him self some big fat browny points to redeem at a later date. I am hoping the electrics will be done, without the house blowing up! or my Palace more importantly :0) I am hoping the carpet will be laid and most of the furniture is put in too. Maybe even by the end of tomorrow my first creation will come to life? It will be wonderful to have my stamps out of the blocked cupboard in the bedroom, all my stuff together again.

So as promised I made a card... I used a Stampendous Changito stamp... cute eh? the other stamped elements are Stampendous too, the scalloped label, words and the birthday words. Fran has made some fantastic designs this release. Can you see how much I love my hubby? I mean, 4 flowers! 4 zoomz! gotta love someone to give him all that! LOL [how my twisted mind works, I show you my love by the number of pritties I put on your card - hey calm down Caz they can always be picked off, or even better get him to give you the WHOLE card back!]

If you look close enough you can see the swiss dots cuttlebugged "Rose Red" piece of cardstock. This has to be my fav Stampin' Up! colour, this is teamed up with some lovely Daisy Bucket paper and Old Olive SU card base.

Paper, Changito, Flowers - all from Glitter Pot
Other stamps could be ordered from GP for you, ask them!
Cardstock is SU and available from your preferred SU rep - or me! :)

** edited photo to add my adorable watermark .... see side bar for link to lady who can make you one too!! ------------------------------------>

I will be out there later with my camera in hand, taking shots as it all comes together. If you dont wanna read the shedscapades I suggest "staying away from the blog" for a good few days.. but hey, thats up to you, there might be a card, so it's your call!


Diane.W. said...

Hi Caz,
Is there only you & me that gets up at stupid o'clock?!!!!!LOL!!!
Happy B'day to Darren,bless him,he's a good un!!!!
Keep the palace piccies coming,I say!;O)x

Kim said...

happy birthday Darren, have a good one....

What a great hubby ya are working on Caz's Palace.......

Anna said...

A really cute card Caz. I am loving your shed updates!

CraftyC said...

Cute cafrd Caz, Happy Birthday Darren!

Chrissy said...

Adorable card!

Kazmac said...

Lovely card there and happy birthday to your hubby!
I love the shed updates although i haven't viewed your blog for a few days yet so i had to scroll down to the bottom posts with my eyes shut so i can read the updates in order! lol :-)


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