Sunday, November 23

A few things to share

Here are a few things to share... My very colourful Reindeer poop
the shop ran out of chocolate raisins so I just went with M & M's..... here is my poem, a little bit from others I have seen but with my bits added.

If you've been good all year
something good is on it's way
a lovely present from Santa's sack
is sure to make your day
but if naughty days outnumber nice
Santa picks up his little scoop
not for nuts, or fruit or coal
oh no, for you its Reindeer poop!
Here are some decorated notepads... six down and a load more to make.
Things have not been on my side, my candles just werent working, although I had made many before it just didnt like the poundstretcher ones! The mints were a no go, too much work so I went for these adorable notepads. I am pleased how they turned out... do you think I could get £1 for them?
Got a busy day tomorrow, looking after Caiden (of course) but also prepping for my class at Crafts U Love Tuesday morning.... if you want to come along a make a spinner card give them a call ;0) Then of course I have the sale thing Wednesday night too. Unfortunately I have had to cancel going to a SU demo meeting Monday evening as time is just too much in demand for me and I really need to get the prep done for both things.
Thanks for the few people that are still bearing with me and commenting too!! I know I am not talking to myself when someone replies ;0)
Speak later
PS I have used a mixture of SU items, Bella, Stamposaurus, Stampendous and more....


Sallyh said...

I love your blog, although it usually costs me as I see something else I NEED :) and I love the inspirations that you share with us. xx

leann said...

These look fab Caz ~ love the Stamposaurus ones, but then I do have a soft spot for them!
Good luck with the sale :)
Hugs x

Cj said...

Oh my god I love your reindeer pooh bags what a fab idea. The book marks are great,good idea for little presents can I just ask where you got the big paperclips from? and i think you could get a £1 for your

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think your notepads are lovely and definately worth £1. I visit you blog every week but don't never leave comments. Maybe this will be first of many. Steph

Julia said...

They look fab Caz, you have been busy! I think you could get at least £1 for the pads, they are lovely. xx

Julie said...

Caz of course you can get a £1 for the notepads they are really lovely and will make wonderful stocking pressies. Good luck for the sale. Juliex


These are all gorgeous Caz, im loving the notepads very nice, and that poem is fantastic!! would you mind if i use it ? also what lovely bags of candy. They will go down a treat im sure!!

Well hope you have a good day. Hugs linda x

Anonymous said...

Hi! I had to chuckle at your reindeer poop! What a fab idea! I also love your little note books! They are great!

Kim said...

What do you mean £1 for those gorgeous books, you must ask more than that surely.... All that work going into them....

Paula said...

Caz what lovely ideas, they look really cute.

tyrymom29 said...

So cute!!!Id be happy to have This reindeer POOP


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